For generations Jews have excelled in mathematics. Their
mathematical knowledge and creativity has greatly benefited
mankind, been a source of pride for the Jewish people and has
resulted in a
kiddush hashem throughout the world. See the attached
links for information on
 Jews in Mathematics in general and the
Ralbag in particular. Unfortunately the study of mathematics has
declined both in the Jewish and the secular arenas, though the world
has become more complex and knowledge of mathematics has
become more critical.

To stimulate interest in the study of mathematics amongst yeshiva
high school students, the Lander College for Men is organizing a
mathematics contest with valuable prizes for the contest winners.

The contest is designed to broaden and enrich students' knowledge
of mathematics and to enhance their mathematical creativity. It is
open to all full-time yeshiva high school students in the USA and
Canada, and will provide a first prize of $1,000. Prizes will be
awarded based upon an examination covering mathematical material
related to the normal high school mathematics curriculum. Practice
material will be available periodically on the internet, and will consist
of challenging and interesting problems and their solutions.

The subject for this year’s Jacob Goldfinger Memorial Mathematics
prize contest is Probability. The contest examination is to be based
on the probability videos available at http://www.khanacademy.
org/math/probability. You may prepare yourself for the contest by
following the
contest schedule (shown on the second tab on the right
of this page). The schedule contains 12 learning modules. Each
learning module will contain several short videos and approximately 3
practice problems and their solutions. For best results participants
are strongly encouraged to complete the modules in accordance with
contest schedule.

The contest prizes will be awarded based on the
April 21, 2013
contest examination that will evaluate your probability problem solving
About The Contest