Practice Problems for  the Lander Math Contest
Module 1, Problems (1-3):

1) Find the probability  of the following events:
    a) Drawing an ace of diamonds, a queen of clubs or a
    king,  when selecting one card from a standard deck of
    52 cards.
    b) The sum of the two dice is 9.

2) A single marble is drawn from the box containing 15 red,
10 blue, 7 green and 12 white marbles. Find the probability
that it is:
    a) Red or blue.
    b) Not blue or not white.

3) A card is drawn from the deck of 52 cards. Find the
probability that it is:
    a) A heart or a nine.
    b) A card with a human face (J, Q or K) on it or a club.
    c) Neither a ten nor a spade.